Podcast – Penedés: Nosodos+

SURPRISE!! Yes, it’s true. It’s really happening. We are going back one last time final time to Catalonia. This chilly week we drink the one that almost got away: DO Penedés; a región most famous for its sparkling Cava wines. But Roque and Luke sample instead a fascinating bottle of white Nosodos+ from Albet i Noya. They chat bottle sizes and introduce a new segment to the show!

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One thought on “Podcast – Penedés: Nosodos+

  1. Hi guys, nice post. Just to let you know, the name NOSODOS means No SO2, because is a “natural wine”, with no sulfites added as you said. Another important issue, AiN was the first winery producing organic wines since 1978, quite crazy thing in that time.

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