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QFOu3wjyLuke Darracott – Luke left his rain-drenched home of the UK back in 2009 and has never really looked back. He had always been obsessed with food and drink but it wasn’t until he arrived to Spain that it all clicked. This was the country for him. He studied Spanish and Russian at the University ofBath that, even though not directly related, gave him a linguistic foothold in Madrid. Since then he has been working closely with Devour Spain, leading both gastronomic tours of the city and wine tastings; has attained WSET Level 2 qualification in wine education; and has published two books, so far, about Spain.

Favourite Spanish food: Fabada and cabrales cheese from Asturias.

Favourite Spanish wine: Big inky or spicy reds like Monastrell from D.O. Jumilla or aged Tempranillos from Ribera del Duero.



N4lKb_LPRoque Madrid – Cineast and producer, Roque has made a firm name for himself in the world of Spanish cinema, having left his hometown in Murcia years ago to pursue a career in film in Madrid. He studied cinema in Los Angeles (UCLA) and later in the New York Film Academy and Hollywood. Ever since then he has been making everything from TV shows to adverts, from short films to full-length features, and has won a wide variety of awards for them. Coming from a farming family, Roque has always had a passion for good food and wine and prides himself on being quite the amateur chef!

Favourite Spanish food: Cut in the moment jamón ibérico.

Favourite Spanish wine: Light and fruity white wines, served well chilled, perhaps an Albariño from Rías Baixas or a Godello from Valdeorras.



Luke met Roque in 2009 and they have been the closest, and drunkest, of friends ever since. Together they have worked on many projects, most recently a successful food and travel TV series called “Finding Little Italy” and currently on the upcoming “Spanish Tapas Tour”.

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